The beginning of Cryptobird

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Why We Started Cryptobird?

Since we formed in 2017, Cryptobird has been a bastion of cryptowear for those interested in the cryptocurrency fashion. As one of the most significant revolutions of the last decade, cryptocurrency holds within it the power to literally change the world. That being said, there is ample opportunity for people to learn more about cryptocurrency from other sources. With that in mind, then, why did we choose to start up our service?

We have a few key reasons for doing so. Among our most specific reasons, though, was to build upon our passion for the industry. This is a business which is set up to try and help people understand what cryptocurrency can do. We often find that discussion and description of the service can be significantly difficult for people to learn from. Rather than see people struggle with the concept and then fail to make the most of what cryptocurrency can offer, we look to help ‘fill in the blanks’.

After all, we believe that such a powerful and important industry should become something that everyone can understand. This is why we work to help people ‘get’ the industry, so that by the time it becomes widely adopted they can start using cryptocurrency without the learning process being required.

Improving Adoption of Cryptocurrency

At the same time, our main aim is simple: to help grow and boost the number of people who use cryptocurrency on a daily basis. This is no longer a fad or a closed shop only open to the tech experts out there. Cryptocurrency has become easier to use and more manageable for layman, which is why we want to help anyone who is interested begin to start using this powerful system as soon as they possibly can.

It also comes from our inner belief in a free market world. We believe that the present economic system that the world runs itself on is a failed model. We see rampant inequality, mistrust and corruption in every possible part of the finance sector. Instead of letting people merely follow along and fall into the same traps as before, our aim is to help improve uptake and make sure more people can use cryptocurrency for a positive benefit.

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency and start using it on a day-to-day basis, then Cryptobird can help you begin this extremely exciting journey by showing it through your fashion and style.

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