About Cryptobird

CryptoBird is an partnership to start a full crypto based webshop with high quality fashion to contribute to a wider cryptocurrency adoption around the globe. 

Our mission

To decrease the gap between 'regular' fashion and 'crypto' fashion. It is our mission to contribute to a broad adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

Our Beliefs

Quality and Dutch decency are two of our greatest virtues. We are here to make things different.
Also, we saw the bigger demand for quality Crypto fashion. Crypto isn't just for blockchain experts or developers. Crypto is for us all and a great way for adoption is to show the world (through our fashion) what Crypto is.

Our founders

Cryptobird is founded by Bas and Danny, two Dutch friends and blockchain enthousiasts. They started in the 'crypto-space' in late 2016 and became into fashion around mid 2017. It also comes from our inner belief in a free market world. We believe that the present economic system that the world runs itself on is a failed model. We see rampant inequality, mistrust and corruption in every possible part of the finance sector. Instead of letting people merely follow along and fall into the same traps as before, our aim is to help improve uptake and make sure more people can use cryptocurrency for a positive benefit.