We at Cryptobird have something unique for you. In collaboration with a reputable watchmaker we have decided to design and manufacture 100 unique Ethereum watches. There are really only 100 made and SOLD OUT = SOLD OUT. So be quick! Through this form you can register to get 1 of the 100 exclusive watches.


The price:

The price of each watch is $99 or corresponding cryptocurrency price.


1 year warranty

The specifications of the watch:

- 100% stainless steel case and buckle (316L, used in the most luxurious watches)
- Quartz with Japanese mechanism (no cheap Chinese mechanism)
- Waterproof 3 ATM
- 100% genuine Italian leather (strap)
- Ethereum logo on the dial
- Ethereum logo engraved on the back along with each unique number
  (Nr. 001 - Nr. 100)
- The numbers are also engraved on the buckle of the strap
- Choose from four different models (only 20 of each model are available!)
  There are only 10 Nylon Rose-Gold made for each strap (20 total).
- Each watch comes in a unique gift box
- Case diameter 41mm, Case thickness 7,5mm

The reservation:

- The 1st 100 entries are entitled to an exclusive ethereum watch (First come, first served)
- You are not required to purchase the watch if you are registered. If you do not want to buy the watch, your place will be removed from the reservation list
- The numbers (nr. 001 - nr. 100) are randomly provided
- You have the option to buy different and / or multiple watches
- After the reservation has been closed, everyone who has registered will receive an email with information about the watches and the buying process.
- We ship the watches around the world. We ship it securely packed and send it with international mail.
- The name and email in this reservation form must match exactly with the name and email when placing the order. If this is not the case, the order will be canceled.
- The reservation period starts at 26-05-2018 and ends on 30-06-2018.


Q. What is the price of the watch(es)?
A. All watches are 99$.

Q. Is it possible to pay with crypto?
A. Of course. You pay on our official website with whatever you like.

Q. Are there really only 100 made?
A. Yes, and we are not going to make more.

Q. Can I pick my own unique watch number?
A. No, all numbers are given out randomly.

Q. What are the shipping costs?
A. The basic shipping is free to the USA, UK and Canada. For the rest of the world the basic shipping fee is 5$.

Q. How do you ship?
A. We ship via international mail.

Q. From what country do you ship?
A. The Netherlands.

Q. What is the shipping time?
A. It depends to which country we ship. You recieve the watch 100% within 14 days after ordering though.

Q. Can I track + get an shipping insurance on my watch?
A. Yes, If you wish to get your package insured + Track & Trace the shipping fee is 25$ for all countries worldwide.

Q. What if I don't want shipping insurance?
A. It is optional but please notice we are not liable if the watch doesn't arrive when you select the basic shipping.

Q. Do you offer warranty?
A. Yes, you have a 1 year warranty. Theft, fall damage, water damage etc. is not covered.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. You can return the watch only if the watch is defective. We will fix your watch.

Q. Are customs clearance costs, customs fees, import duties etc. applicable?
A. It depends on the country you live in. If it is applicable, we don't pay these costs for you.

Q. Can I get a refund?
A. No, due to the exclusiveness of the watch we don't offer refunds.